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5 Better Ways to Compete The Online Sales

By Kate Tanner, Kidstop Toys & Booksand Christine Osbourne Wonder Works Toys

How to Compete Online Sales? One thing that someone and I totally agreed on when we got together to discuss this topic was:

  • Listen to your customers
  • Listen to your customers
  • Listen to your customers

I think many of us could agree that on any given day, 5-25% of the customers that walk in our door start the conversation with: “I saw this on your website.”Maybe the website portal does not seethe actual sale, but your physical brick and mortar store does. This opens the door for your staff to shine and add onto the sale,capture the customer’s info and make sure they have a great experience to convince them to make return trips.

So how do new customers find us?After attending numerous eventsfeaturing panels with soon-to-be and new parents to engage and discuss what they are looking for, the conclusion is always the same. They want honest and direct support,great customer service that wows them andkeeps them as your customer.

Here are the four points all groups have told us on how they research and shop:

  1. They listen to friends and family for referrals about the best toy, best baby clothing or the best scooter. They don’t listen to the retailer in the beginning. Retailers must earn that trust.
  2. They click onto the manufacturer’s website for in-depth information about the item. (I strongly suggest partnering with manufacturers who have store locators on their homepage.)

3. Consumers click on the store locator because seeing an item in person is still the top choice of many young families.

4. Finding the store closest and clicking on that website. This is where you score. Be unique, be different and create a one-ofa-kind experience on your website that matches the experience in your store.Make it fun, make it whimsical, make it factual with a secure SSL. That is a must.SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and,in short, it’s the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems.You can’t beat Amazon but you can outpace them for seasonal fun and engagement. Your homepage should tuga little with emotion and then take you in to the top toys to accomplish this.These four to eight toys are Googlesearched,and made perfect with pictures. 

5. Keep in mind, your text MUST talk to your audience,not to your peers. These toys should also be the newest and trending strong in your store.Next your email blasts, Instagram and Facebook posts should also be tagging these items. Each month, create this positive search engine hum around this handful of items. These are also the items that you have depth in stock so you don’t run out quickly.To keep Google ’s interest, put new items on your website almost every other day.This keeps Google search engines tracking you. I have found that when I go a few days without putting new toys on the web or update a category, our Internet sales slow to almost non-existent.

This last tidbit is a must. There are more than 50 search engines that can be used continued from page 12 money matters around the world. We have a company that maintains our info to make sure that it is the same and consistent across all these channels. I had no idea how many different ways you could spell Kid stop! With inconsistent info out there, Google will pass on your page due to confusion and you will fall in the rankings.